10 Playful Short Spiky Hairstyles

The short spiky hairstyle will never go out of style. Remember the gorgeous Winona Ryder spikey pixie cut from the nineties or the unique and extravagant Miley Cyrus short spiky pixie haircut? Not only is it a great option for playful and edgy women, but also for older women. Older women usually choose the short spiky hairstyle because it’s so easy to maintain. It also adds a unique touch to their regular short hair.


Why is short spiky hair perfect for you too?

In short, it’s because of its versatility. Are you nostalgic about the 90s? That’s okay, the short spiky hairstyle will bring back the magic of the 90s. Do you want an edgy and exotic hairstyle? Add a twist to this hairstyle with an undercut and show everyone how fierce you are!


#1: Fresh Off The Runway

ash color short spikey hairstyle

Ash-blue hair is a hair color no runway show lacks. It instantly takes the short spiky hairstyle to the next level. The sharp appearance is guaranteed. Use loads of hairspray to make sure you maintain the drama. While many women steer away from this bleach blonde hair color, it’s perfectly fine for women with short hair to have is. That’s because their hair will grow out and the potentially damaged hair will repair faster.

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#2: Playful yet put together

short spikey hairstyle for business women

Don’t hesitate to grow your hair out a bit longer. Especially if your hair is easily manageable. This short spikey hairstyle is perfect for business women who are tired of their old and boring simple short haircut. While the bleach blonde hair color creates a more youthful look, the carefully styled spikes will refresh your whole appearance. With this hairstyle, it’s recommended to use loads of hair gel so that it stays put throughout the day.


#3: Green punk

 Green short spiky hairstyle

Who says that punk is dead? Look at this gorgeous short and green spikey hair! It just screams danger. Whether you’re in your rebellious phase or you just want to experiment with your short hair, this is definitely a look for you. For added dimension choose two or more shades of green. If you’re a real daredevil color some of the parts light blue for a nice transition. A great choice of jewelry for this look is plugs or very bold chockers.


#4: A Vampy Look

Add drama to your appearance with a dark and mysterious vampy hair and makeup. Here the spikes are less noticeable, while the hair is kept very sleek and straight. Don’t be afraid to use a hair straightener on the top layers. This haircut will accentuate your bone structure. A dark and vampy makeup is a must here. We recommend dark red and burgundy lipsticks and simple and dark eye makeup. If you know how to chisel your cheeks here’s an opportunity to show off that skill.


#5: Go Big Or Go Home

Teenage years are perfect for experimenting with different hairstyles. Don’t be afraid to try out as many of them as you can. Who knows if you’ll be able to do that later in your life. Grow your hair out as long as your heart desires. The hairspray and the hair gel will do the rest. Nothing can show off your rebellious side than crazy colored hair. Choose cool-toned colors such as purple or blue. Chokers are a must here. Since they’re fashionable again you’ll look as stylish as ever.

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#6: Simple And Girly

simple short spiky hairstyle for girl

If you’re a more simple kind of a girl, the short spiky hairstyle is great for you too. However, you should stir away from crazy hair colors. A natural hair color is an awesome option here. Try and make the rest of your appearance as girly as you can. If you love the color pink then apply pink eyeshadow and pick out your favorite pink earrings. When choosing earrings, go as dramatic as you want to. Big earrings and short spiky hairstyle are a perfect combination.


#7: The Sun Is Out

Break away from the regular hairstyles and try something new. A very bright short blonde spikey hair with orange undertones will draw the attention. If you’re a businesswoman who’s tired a lot of time, this hair color will make you look refreshed and ready to go! Your makeup should also be bright and warm toned. This whole look will be amazing for pale women.


#8: Sharp And Serious

You’re not here to play around. You have serious goals in your life and you want everyone to know that. Your whole appearance says that. Blonde and spikey short hair is a great option here. Choose small and bold accessories and your look is complete. It’s really that easy to achieve the formal yet playful look!

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Whether you’re serious person or the one that wants to have lots of fun, short spikey hairstyle can be tailored to fit your style. Choose the one that represents your personality the best and have fun with it.