5 Sensational Slicked Back Undercut Haircuts For Men

When you want to look extremely hot and noticeable then a slicked back undercut hairstyle will get you there.
A lot of men are embracing this hairstyle since they are aware that it suits them the best and just makes the women go crazy. Are you one of those men? If not, then maybe you should change that.


5 Slicked Back Undercut Haircuts

The following list has 5 amazing slicked back undercut hairstyles that you can choose from.
All of these are hip at the moment, so know that whichever you end up with will be a win. Also, have no fear if you have long hair or curly hair, those can also be styled this way as well.


#1: The Youngsters

Slicked Back Undercut for young men

This picture is a great example that age is just a number. Doesn’t matter how old you are, a slicked back undercut hairstyle looks good on anyone! It can look super formal, trendy and modern at the same time, it just depends on what you are wearing and how you are rocking it.

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#2: Fresh Hotness

Slicked Back Undercut for men

When you have the right type of shades you can pull off any look you want. But when you have your shades on and you style your hair this tight, you are definitely going to be noticeable. And the beard just gives it even more character and sass.

#3: Slickness Overload

slicked undercut hairstyles

Super slicked hair but not so noticeable of a cut is a good option for men who don’t mind taking care of it. If you like to add loads of gel into your styling process you will love this one. You can achieve that ”wet look” in less than 5 minutes and girls will go crazy.

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#4: Medium Length

Medium Length slicked undercut hairstyles for men

Men who love a slicked back undercut may struggle a bit with the styling process, but once you handle it, you will get a lot of compliments. Women appreciate when a man is capable enough of maintaining short length haircuts with beard. If you can style your hair this well and always look this fresh then you will definitely win them over.


#5: The Hipster

slicked back undercut hair for men

Hipsters can definitely pull off a slicked back undercut hair! This look is so casual yet it’s working. You don’t always have to dress to impress the ladies, just have your hair situation under the control and you are on fire.

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These 5 slicked back hairstyles will suit any men, and you are in luck because these are trending right now. Just make sure to let your barber style your beard once he gives you a cut, or at least let him give you an advice on how to make it all work together.