10 Crazy Two Goddess Braids With Weave Ideas To Look At

If you love braiding your hair, you should change it up and make two goddess braids with an added weave. Choosing to wear two gorgeous goddess braids with a weave is for those women who want to make a statement. Goddess braids really popular among ethnic women, but they’re becoming a trend among other women, too. Everyone can pull it off, really. The focus here is on making different designs and patterns with the braids. There are endless variations of this hairstyle, which is why it’s great for everybody and for all types of events.


How To Do Two Goddess Braids With Weave?


Since there are so many ways to braid two goddess braids, the process of making them may vary. All of them are braided close to the scalp. If your hair isn’t long enough, don’t worry, that’s what the weave is for. Then, during the rest of the process of braiding, you can really express your creativity. Choose one of many interesting designs that fit your overall style the best. You can choose to make it in the style of a Maw hawk braid or a braided bun, they’re that versatile. Accessories such as headbands are a great addition to the look. Just make sure that the hair is long enough, that’s the only rule here.Also Take A look at Short Funky Hairstyles For Girls, Hairstyles with Headbands


#1: Modern Girl With Goddess Braids

Modern Girl With Goddess Braids

Taking a break from the work, from the crazy life, from everything, we all want and need that. Your hair needs it, too. Imagine still looking great on the break. So, no need to pull out your baggiest clothes, just pick something casual and comfortable and go for a walk around the city. That’s what this two goddess braids hairstyle is for. The two braids should be more loose than usual, while the weave should still be really long. No drama here, just a simple modern look.


#2: Dazzling Dutch Goddess Braids

Dazzling Dutch Goddess Braids

So many women swear by Dutch braids. They look magical and mysterious and can be tailored to any look you’re going for that day. Make two loose Dutch braids on each side of the head, just pay attention to the volume. The volume of the braids here should be off the charts. Creating voluminous goddess braids is easy with weaves. Color your hair and the weave silver for an added magical vibe.


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#3: Like A Million Dollars

two goddess braids with weave

Are you a fan of that Instagram baddie look? If yes, then a two goddess braid with an added weave (for added drama) is a must, really. Bleached blonde hair is a perfect choice for this style. The braids should be very tightly braided, both close to the roots and close to the ends of hair. So fierce! Your makeup should be very bold. Stick to natural colors but do make that eyeliner flawless and thick. And as you probably have guessed, a blinding highlighter is something you gotta have.


#4: Simple And Stunning Goddess Braids

Simple And Stunning Goddess Braids

What should every two goddess braids hairstyle look like? It should look like this. Two tight braids that go from the front of the hair to the sides and behind the ears. The focus here is on the length. The weave should be dramatically long. Since this is a simple two goddess braid hairstyle, take your appearance to the next level with bold makeup colors. Bright pink lipstick with bold colored shirts goes really well with this.


#5: Two Goddess braids With Curvy Waives

Two Goddess braids With Curvy Waives

The process of making two goddess braids can be very creative. You don’t have to section the hair into two identical sections. Play around with the shapes, go from one part of the head to another. Just like we’ve said, there are no rules. In the end you’ll be left with interesting designs on the top of your head. It’s a guaranteed unique hairstyle perfect for all young women.


#6: Subtle Highlights With Goddess Braids

Subtle Highlights With Goddess braids

When braided, hair with highlights gets a new dimension. Since the focus here is on the subtle highlights, the weave doesn’t have to be as long. Your goddess braids will look so unique this way.


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#7: Loose And Lovely

Are you looking to point out the absolutely stunning color of your hair? A really good way to do that is to braid it. Braids usually draw lots of attention to your hair, which is what you want. Section the hair into two firmly divided sections. Make a more loose braid on each side and continue braiding. This is great if you’re going for a more laid back or a hobo inspired appearance.


#8: Just Like A Mohawk

How to look put together while still maintaining your wild nature? With two goddess braids, of course. Comb your hair really well and then make two braids from the center of the head. Since the braids are close to each other, there will be a lot of room left on the side. That’s why you should make sure to put the weave seamlessly. Your hair will thank you for this since it’ll get the best rest it deserves.


#9: Fun Fishtails

Let’s change things up right in the middle of the process of braiding the two goddess braids. Is there enough hair left to play around with it a bit more? If not, add a weave and continue braiding! The weave should have added extra volume, so now you can make two thick fishtail braids. See how easy it is to spice things up? A simple change of the plan and voila, you look like a model. We recommend that you try out wearing semi-formal clothes with this, to make everything more interesting.


#10: Stunning Pigtails

Who would have thought that pigtails can look this good? Hair close to the scalp is tightly braided into smaller braids, while the rest of the hair is in two giant braids. This creates an eye-catching and chic hairstyle that will look cute on you for days. Since the two goddess braids are on the sides of your face, they’ll frame your face perfectly.


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How To Do Two Goddess Braids With Weave


Braiding two goddess braids is a fun process itself and at the end you get great results. All of these two goddess braid styles have something special about them. The question is, which one of them will be special to you.