19 Ultimate Short Hairstyles for Women

Women’s short hairstyles can be a glamorous choice, a chic choice or a punky choice. There are lots of opportunities to exert your own style and influence when you wear your hair short. With short hairstyles for women, it is all about making small changes to create a big impact.


Ultimate Short Hairstyles for Women

If you have long hair at the moment, then you might struggle to make the change to a short hairstyle. However, you should just take the plunge because short hair can look great. The first cut is the deepest and once you have got over that first snip then you are sure to be happy with your decision. Short hair is also much easier to maintain than long hair is. Take the chance on a short hairstyle; it will be a literal and metaphorical weight off of your shoulders!


#1: Punky Quiff

women's short haircut

Women with short hair might want to give this punky Quiff hairstyle a try. For a Tintin-inspired look for short hair, you will need to use strong hold hair gel to keep your style in place.


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#2: Gray Goddess

short hairstyle for women

Dye your hair gray all over to give your short hairstyle a really eye-catching look. The color contrast looks amazing when gray hair is worn with olive or darker skin tones.


#3: Straight Out of Bed Bob
short bob hairstyle

A bob is one of the most popular short hairstyles for women. A “Straight out of Bed” bob requires very little maintenance. Simply get up, brush your hair and then scrunch fistfuls of mousse through your locks.


#4: Sideswiped Spikes

spikes short hairstyle

Use a little soft hold hair gel to pull your hair upwards into soft spikes. Use your hand to brush your spikes slightly to one side to give the style a softer, less harsh edge.


#5: Curly Faux Hawk

faux hawk short haircut

A faux hawk is one of the coolest short hairstyles for women. It looks even more “rock n roll” on women with curly hair. Undercut your hairstyle at the sides and then groom the longer portions up into a faux hawk in the middle of your head.


#6: Pixie Cut with Sweeping Fringe

Pixie cuts are a cute short hairstyle for women, but they can be given a really cool modern edge by integrating a sweeping fringe into the style. Make sure that you leave your hair long enough when it is cut, so that you can add weight to the fringe portion of your hairstyle.


#7: Cute Boy Cut

For a cute boy haircut, you need to cut the style bluntly. These blunt cuts help to enhance the shape of the style. You can use a little bit of light layering over the top of the main shape if you wish to.


#8: Layered Bob with Side Fringe

A layered bob is a light and breezy short hairstyle for women. The layering helps to take a lot of weight out of the hairstyle. The side fringe adds a cool modern twist to the look.


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#9: Teddy Boy

This twisted up short hairstyle for women is inspired by the British Teddy Boys of the 1950s. Run lots of hair gel through your hairstyle and then twist the hair round and round to give a curled fringe effect.


#10: Androgynous Tousled Spikes

Use your hands to pull your hair up into soft spikes. Run a little bit of hair gel through your hair to hold it in place and then tousle your hair a little bit to give a messy androgynous short hairstyle for women.


#11: Fierce Frizz

Fierce Frizz Short Hairstyle

Give short hairstyles for women extra volume by adding a touch of frizziness to your hair. Backcomb your hair and blow-dry it to add plenty of oomph to your short hairstyle. This creates an amazing 1980s style.


#12: Purple Undercut

Make a very different impression by adding a purple color to your undercut. Gel the rest of your hair so that it stands on end to allow you to show off the vibrant purple color.


#13: Bob with Loose Waves

loose waves short haircut

A bob with loose waves is a simple hairstyle which can be worn at work or when you are out with friends. Use a curling wand to loosely flick out your hair at the bottom of the style.


#14: Dusky Purple

Dusky hair dyes are a good choice if you want to color your hair, but you don’t want the color to be too intense or vibrant. Short hairstyles for women look particularly good with dusky shades because they are far more subtle.


#15: Flicked-Out Fringe

Give your hairstyle a cute little quiff by flicking out your fringe. Use a curling want to lightly flick your hair so that it stands out a little above your eyeline. Set the style with a soft hold hair gel to prevent it from falling into your eyes.


#16: Asymmetrical Sloping Bob

Asymmetrical styles and sloping styles are a highly fashionable choice for short hairstyles for women. Cut your hair so that it is jaw length at the front, then gradually tapers off towards the back of your head.


#17: Short and Spiky

Short and spiky hairstyle

Short and spiky hairstyles are ideal for showing off your bone structure. Keeping your hair away from your face really allows your features to speak for themselves. The height of the style helps to lift your cheekbones.


#18: Show Your Roots

women's short hairstyle

Don’t worry if your natural hair color starts to show through at your roots. This style is actually preferable for some people. Seeing your natural color at your roots actually helps short hairstyles for women to look much thicker.


#19: Messed-up Crop with Quiff

messed-up short hairstyle

A messed-up style is a great choice for women who do not take themselves too seriously. To create the messed-up effect, just run your fingers quickly through your hair. Use a little hair gel to pull your fringe up into a quiff.


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Short hairstyles for women are a wonderful choice for women who want to show off their facial features. However, a lot of women would prefer medium length or long length haircuts. If you don’t think that these short hairstyles for women would suit you, then you can always check out our other lists at hairstylesout.com