18 Undercut Hairstyles for Men to Give An Edge

Undercut hairstyles for men are really versatile because the undercut can be used to create a lot of different looks. An undercut can be used to show off the facial features, lengthen the rest of the hair or to create a signature feature. What are you hoping to achieve with your undercut? Ask your stylist for advice if you are unsure.


How long should a men’s undercut hairstyles be?

The length of the undercut that is shaven into the hair should be carefully chosen based on what the man is trying to portray with his style. A very close shave is great if you are trying to give emphasis to the hair on the top of the head. On the other hand, along undercut will keep the whole hairstyle looking thicker and fuller.

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#1: Slicked Back Style

Slicked Back Style with undercut

Keep the hair in the center of your head long. Use a little bit of hair styling mousse to slick your hair straight backward from the front of your head.


Sensational Slicked Back Undercut Haircuts For Men


#2: Spiked-up Style

men undercut Spiked-up Style

Use a comb to pull your hair into a spiked up hairstyle. Pull some soft hold hair gel onto your hair to help to keep it in place throughout the day. Your undercut hairstyle will help to make your hairstyle seem taller.


#3: Curled Mohawk Men Undercut

Curled Mohawk Men Undercut

If you have naturally semi curly hair, a soft mohawk can be a great style choice. Comb your hair up into a mohawk style but allow your curls to flop down over your face.


#4: Slicked Back Style with Volume

Slicked Back Style with Volume

Before you slick back your hair with hair gel or mousse, use a comb to add extra volume to your locks. Comb upwards from the roots to help to volumize your hairstyle.


#5: Floppy Style

men undercut hairstyles with floppy style

Comb your hair away from the undercut sections of your hairstyle and into the center of your head. Maintain the floppiness by failing to use any hair products. This style looks best when you have not washed your hair for a few days.


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#6: Western Chonmage

Western Chonmage undercut hairstyles for men

If you have a long male hairstyle with an undercut, you can style the long sections into a Western version of a chonmage hairstyle. This look was worn by Japanese warriors centuries ago.


#7: Combover

For a cool floppy hairstyle, shave one side of your head and then comb your hair so that it can fall over at the other side of your head. This look should have a lot of bounce and movement.


Attractive Pompadour Comb Over Hairstyles for Men


#8: Slicked Back with Carved Out Cool

Slicked Back with Carved Out Cool

Carve out distinct furrows in a slicked-back hairstyle by using a comb on your hair once it has been flattened. You will need to use extra mousse to create distinct furrows.


#9: Quiffed Mohawk

Keep the hair at the front of your head longer when you are cutting it. When you comb your head into the center of your head to create a mohawk, you will be able to fashion a peaked quiff-type style at the front of your look.


#10: Slicked Back Style with Bushy Beard

Slicked Back undercut Style with Bushy Beard for men

Slicked back hairstyles with a bushy beard are one of the ultimate hipster styles. It matches up well-groomed businessmen hair with a wild and rugged woodsman’s beard.


#11: Voluminous Locks

Give your hair extra volume by blow drying it with a hairdryer after your morning shower. Towel dry off any excess moisture and then use a comb and barrel brush to boost your volume.


#12: Voluminous Style with Tight Undercut

Voluminous Style with Tight Undercut

To maximize the appearance of height in your hairstyle, you should give the rest of your hair a really close shave. A close undercut will make the hair on the top of your head look longer.


#13: Slicked Back Hair with a Close Shave

Slicked Back Hair with a Close Shave

For a sharp and cool look, undercut your hair with a close shave and cut your beard to the same length. Use gel to carefully slick back your hair so that there is not a hair out of place.


#14: Tattoo Art

An undercut men hairstyle is a fantastic way to show off your body art. If you want to show off your tattoo you can simply shave your head. If you want to hide it, you can grow your hair long again.


#15: Long Hair with Subtle Undercut

 Long Hair with Subtle Undercut hairstyle

An undercut can be most striking when it is shaved into really long male hair. A subtle undercut at one side of your hairstyle can easily be hidden again if you want to continue to wear your hair long.


#16: Long Fauxhawk with Thick Undercut

Long Fauxhawk with Thick Undercut for men

Pull your hair into the center of your head and comb it upwards to create a faux-hawk look. A longer undercut can help to keep your hair looking thick and manly.


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#17: Natural Waves Undercut Hairstyles
Natural Waves Undercut Hairstyles

When you have shaven sides, you do not need to make any additional statements or styling with your hair. Just leave your hair sitting in its own natural state.


#18: Soft Pop Look

Soft pop undercut look for men

Pull your hair up from the roots using your hands. Do not apply any hair gel or mousse, because this will help you to keep your hair looking soft and fluffy.


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Mens undercut hairstyles are really simple to create but they look super effective. Any hairstyle can be completely changed by adding an undercut element. If you want to see some other men’s haircuts for inspiration, check out some of our other hairstyle lists.