20 Women’s Pixie Cut Hairstyles Worth Giving a Shot

Some women are nervous about choosing a short haircut, but a pixie cut always looks fantastic. It was first popularized by Audrey Hepburn in her 1950’s film, Roman Holiday. Supermodel Twiggy then rocked the style during the 1960’s. It is still popular, nearly 70 years later!


Pixie Cuts for Women

Pixie cuts have been a prime choice of haircut for “it” girls since the 1960’s. This androgynous haircut is one which really helps to show off the facial features. Short haircuts like this one can be used to lift the cheekbones and show off the eyes. That is why the hairstyle is favored by models and actresses all over the world!


#1: Scruffy Pixie Cut

Scruffy Pixie Cut for Women

A scruffy pixie cut is great for women who want to rock the androgynous look. Put a little bit of hair gel on your hands and then pull your hair upwards and outwards to create a scruffy look.


Fashionable Pixie Cuts for Round Faces


#2: Dusky Pink

pixie cut for women

Dusky pink is a really amazing color for people with a pale complexion. Match your hair color up with beautiful dusky pink lipstick in the same shade as your hair.


#3: Braided Pixie

Braided Pixie Cut for Women

Braiding looks fantastic on short hairstyles such as a pixie cut. It can be quite difficult to braid such short hairstyles, so you may need to get a friend or stylist to help you.


#4: Rolled Fringe

Rolled Fringe Pixie Cut

Cut your hair short at the back of your head but leave your style much longer at the front. Use a barrel brush to create a voluminous fringe that rolls around and over your forehead.


#5: Pixie with Undercut

undercut pixie haircut for women

A popular pixie hairstyle with a shaven undercut is perfect for a punky look. Brush the longer sections of your hair forward to create a punky peaked fringe to complete your hairstyle.


#6: Choppy Cut

Choppy cuts can help to create a gorgeous informal look for women with short hair. Although choppiness creates quite a casual pixie cut look, the style can still be worn at the office.


#7: Gray and Great

Despite all of the bad press, gray hair looks amazing on young women. Dyeing your hair a gray color can help to add a touch of mystery and intrigue to your pixie cut hairstyle.


#8: Short Pixie Cut

A short pixie cut will really help to accentuate your facial features. Shorn sections at the side and back of your head can help you to keep the length of your hairstyle to a minimum.


#9: Tousled Peaks

Pull your hair up into a messy peak for a really casual and fun hairstyle. Use a little bit of soft hold styling gel to help to help to hold your tousled style in position.


#10: Red Minx

Red is a wonderfully eye-catching color for a hairstyle, but it seems to really suit pixie cuts. Keep your hair as straight as possible, because straightness helps to enhance your color.


Hairstyle for Women with  Big Nose


#11: Contrasting Tones

Mix things up a bit by teaming up contrasting colors in your pixie hairstyles. Leave the underlayers a really dark color but bleach the top layer of your hair a vibrant blonde shade. The contrasting colors look fantastic.


#12: Purple Passion

pixie haircut for women

Dark purple works really well with an emo-style pixie haircut. To give your hair an emo edge, cut and style it so that you have an extreme side parting and a sweeping fringe.


#13: Forward-Facing Style

women's pixie cut hairstyle

For a high fashion version of the pixie cut, you should style your hair so that most of it is combed forwards. Use styling gel to create definition in individual sections of the hair.


#14: Crowning Event

If you have an androgynous pixie cut, you can create a style where your crown is the key feature. Keep the back sections of your hairstyle much shorter, but then splay the other portions outwards from around your crown.


#15: Contrasting Textures

Integrate contrasting textures into your hairstyle for a really unique look. Match short shaved sections of your hair up with longer fluffier portions to create an interesting short hairstyle.


#16: 60’s Glamor

A well-groomed pixie cut is very evocative of 1960’s Hollywood glamor. Androgynous hairstyles with big doe eyes were really popular during this period. Choose a groomed pixie hairstyle for a retro look.


#17: Bright Blue

bright blue pixie haircut

Bright blue hair is a great choice for women who want to turn heads. For a slightly punky hairstyle, shave one side of your head and then sweep the rest of your hair over to the other side.


#18: Spiked up style with Lowlights

pixie cut hairstyle with lowlights

Lowlights can help to add extra depth and texture to your hair. They look good as part of a spiked up style because they help the spiked areas to look more distinctive and pronounced.


#19: Punky Pixie

punky pixie haircut for women

For a punky pixie style, you should shave the back and sides of your head. Leave the trimmers on a long cut if you aren’t feeling brave. Use hair gel to spike up the rest of your hair into punky peaks.


#20: Cool Style

cool pixie cut style for women
For effortlessly cool pixie cut style, wear your look with sunglasses and a light summer scarf. This creates a “model about town” look which is really photogenic.


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Pixie cuts are one of the most popular short haircuts for women, but if you want to see other short hairstyles you can check out some of our other lists. We have plenty of hairstyle lists to choose from, for women with every hair type and face shape.